Home Energy Saving Tips You Can Do Right Now – Heating


by Tim Fulton on October 22, 2012

Image by hardworkinghippy

A while back the guys on the forum put together a great list of energy saving tips. These are simple things that you can do pretty much right now, or maybe right after a quick run to the home improvement store for supplies. These aren’t huge projects that take weeks to complete. They also aren’t horribly expensive things to do. These are the basic and cost effective things you can do to cut those energy bills.

For the blog purposes, we’re going to break it down into sections because it is a fairly long list. Please keep in mind that this list was intended to grow over time as we think of new ideas. Feel free to recommend things to be added to the list.

This time we’re looking at tips on heating a home. There are many little tricks to allowing you to reduce the temperature in your home, yet still say comfortable. Also, many of these tips also apply to cooling your house.


If you like, you can see the full list of 60+ home energy saving tips.

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