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by Tim Fulton on August 27, 2010

Written by: gasstingy

I’ve been wanting to convert to dual flush toilets for a couple of years now, but when I tried to find a replacement toilet or conversion kit for my existing toilets I had no luck. Lately, I got to looking again, and found the HydroRight Drop-in Dual Flush Converter in the Grainger catalog. I bought it (w/tax and S&H, $32) and put it in my master bathroom toilet. It didn’t take too long to install (15 minutes +/-) and it works great. Of course, I took no pictures and made no keen observations to try and compare the water usage before and after the conversion. I was so pleased that I immediately bought another of the same brand, but this time I did an internet search. For about the same money, I went to Amazon.com and bought another one. So I’d get free shipping, I bought a 1.5 gpm shower head at the same time.

HydroRight Install

A few details about the toilets. Both are American Standard, kind of an old fashioned look with the flush handle on the side, not in front. But, the box said it fits ANY toilet so I figured I could justify getting my money back if it didn’t fit mine. You’ll note in the pictures, the flush isn’t by a lever operated handle, but a cable operated push button. This toilet had an old style refill valve with the long arm and big float ball to stop the water. That had to be replaced in order to do the conversion as the arm and ball won’t clear the biggest part of the kit. I didn’t bother showing pictures of how that’s done. The big parts are shown, and the biggest part uncouples into two pieces for easier installation. All told, I couldn’t even do the second one in ten minutes like the instructions say it should take. Probably not their fault, everything takes me a bit longer. Of course, I could blame it on stopping to take notes and pictures, and time the operation and swap the refill valve, etc. All told, I did all of that and finished in just under a half hour.

HydroRight Install

As for the keen observations to try and show how much water I’m going to save, I tried the old and new refill valves before converting to the dual flush and it took 55 seconds for the toilet to refill from the time I pushed the flush lever. Then I swapped to the new dual flush mechanism and tried again with the biggest flush. It took the same 55 seconds. Then, I decided to relocate that little tube that goes into the stand pipe to refill the toilet bowl. Instead of shooting into the pipe, I turned the clip around and it shoots down the outside of the pipe. The toilet bowl doesn’t get quite as much water, but it still gets plenty. New refill time, 40 seconds for the long flush. Refill time for the short flush is 18 seconds. I only timed the short flush with the toilet bowl refill tube on the outside of the stand pipe though. So there it is. The water ran 73% as long on the long flush, so about a 27% water savings on the big flush from relocating the bowl refill tube to fill the tank faster instead of wasting it in the bowl. For a short flush, it ran 33% as long, so we’ll save about 67% of the water compared to before when we choose the short flush.

HydroRight Install

The side benefit is that I’ve tried nearly every flapper in town to get both toilets to quit seeping water out, to no avail. This stopped the seepage, so all of that wasted water is halted as well.

Check out more info on gasstingy’s conversion in his forum thread.


1 Andy P September 16, 2010 at 9:34 pm

These photos show how easy it really is to install a HydroRight dual flush kit. I have done 2 of them and I could do it in 5 minutes now. I also installed the HydroClean fill valve with my dual flush. The new fill valve keeps the tank clean and also helps conserve water. I highly recommend MJSI toilet products!

2 Ali Pappas October 15, 2010 at 4:23 pm

Aside from the HydroRightjust being plain easy, this is the ONLY retrofit solution out there that does NOT require tank removal. Now THAT is something to be excited about. Great job, HydroRight!

3 Brad Tyson October 19, 2010 at 1:14 pm

I install MJSI toilet products regularly and I have never been disappointed. The HydroRight makes converting to dual flush a snap. The HydroClean is the best all around fill valve I have found. The prices on these products is great. Very cost effective. I would not use any other toilet products in my business!

4 hondo434 January 8, 2011 at 11:19 am

I have a 3.5 gal flush 1989 toilet. I have room to put a gallon jug of water in my tank without interfereing with flapper. I was wondering if you had room to put some water displacement in your tank and if you think that would affect the effectiveness of flush with the dual flush kit? I saw a dual flush kit at Cosco for about $18, but didn’t get it because one of my toilets has a side angle lever and is a little shorter stature. I wasn’t sure how tall the valve kit was.
What is the operating principle of the dual flush? Thanks

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