EcoRenovator 2013 Fall Giveaway Donators – Niagara Conservation

by Tim Fulton on November 21, 2013

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Niagara Conservation is exactly what it sounds like, a company that puts out products for conserving. Conserving what? Well, Niagara has a real nice selection of things. They have water conservation products like ultra high efficiency toilets, low flow showerheads and faucet aerators. They also have electricity conserving products like smart power strips, CFL lightbulbs, LED nightlights, water heater insulation blankets, and tools like a refrigerator/freezer thermometer to see if your fridge is too warm or too cold. In addition they have weatherization products that help reduce your heating/cooling bill like weather stripping, programmable thermostats, window film kits, and more. Seriously, check out their site for the full gambit.

Earth 1.25GPM showerhead

For the giveaway, Niagara has donated their Earth low flow showerhead. It is rated at 1.25 gpm which may not seem like much, but you likely won’t be able to tell. The showerhead has three spray settings: needle, massage, and a combination of the two. The reviews I’ve seen for this showerhead are quite good. Thank you Niagara Conservation!

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