EcoRenovator 2011 Fall Giveaway Donators – Bits Limited

by Tim Fulton on September 26, 2011

bits limited

Bits Limited is the manufacturer of the smart power strips that we’ll be offering in our giveaway this fall. They make a variety of smart power strips with many different options. You can get them in small and large sizes, with child safe features, phone, ethernet and cable surge protection, and brownout protection . They’ll even make you customized power strips depending on your needs. You can their list here.


The LCG3E is your basic smart power strip. It has a control outlet (blue) that switches the switchable outlets (green) on and off depending on if the device on the control outlet is on. So, for instance, you plug your TV into the control outlet and your dvd, stereo and other devices on the switchable outlets. When you power your TV on, the others get power and don’t suck power when they aren’t needed. The power strip does also have three hot outlets that always have power like a normal power strip. The LCG4E adds a telephone / modem / fax line surge protection. The LCG5E adds that plus satellite/cable (coax) surge protection.


The LCG6 is a slightly differently configured strip but the same general concept. It has four always on outlets and five switched outlets. It also has the telephone (also a splitter), three cable (coax) lines, and ethernet surge protectors.


The SPG3E power strip is a little more different. It is called a charging station power strip. What you do with it is plug all your wall warts into it for charging all your electronic gadgets. It monitors the power usage while not charging anything. You then plug in the items you want charged up and you push a button on the side of the strip. This turns the five controlled outlets on. Once the device(s) are charged up, the power strip turns off the five outlets to eliminate the wall warts from using up power. The power strip also has two always on outlets as well.

mini power minder

The last item we have for the giveaway is called the Mini Power Minder. Its a device specifically made for computer systems. The top outlet on the power minder is always on and you plug your computer into it. The bottom outlet would then be used to plug a normal power strip into. When you power up the computer, the lower outlet is switched on and all the other computer peripherals turn on as well. When the computer is shut off it switches the lower outlet off turning off all computer peripherals. It uses a USB cable connected to the computer to tell when it is on or off.

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