DIY Home Air Pressure Test

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by Tim Fulton on August 24, 2009

Photo: iLoveButter has a great article on a DIY solution for a blower door test as an alternative to the professional done test. Their solution is basically to turn on all the exhaust fans in the house and go around with an incense stick or a wet hand to see or feel drafts. They explain where to look for leaks as well so you aren’t randomly running around your house with an incense stick.

Its definitely not the quickest way to do things, but its a heck of a start that’ll get rid of the big leaks. Its also way cheaper than having a professional come out to do an energy audit for a couple hundred dollars. I know I’ll be trying this out in my leaky old farm house.

Update:  The test has been done.  Check out the Home Air Pressure Test Results here.

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1 Harry Dewick-Eisele August 13, 2011 at 7:06 am

Should you have a draught coming from between the floorboards, consider filling the gaps with Draughtex. It comes on big rolls and you easily fit it with the supplied applicator (looks a bit like a fancy pizza cutter). There is no adhesive needed and the filler will not caome out when the board move a bit.

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