Silicon Shortage Ends and Solar Prices Drop

by Tim Fulton on September 10, 2008

In recent years, a shortage of silicon has driven up the price of solar panels and put the brakes on many solar projects. With prices of $4-4.80/watt for solar power, there has been little economic incentive to move forward with large scale or residential solar projects.

However, silicon prices will soon be dropping, down from levels 10x normal since that shortage started in 2005. This means that not only will prices be cheaper, but more photovoltaics will be available on the market. Although silicon prices are expected to plummet over the next few years, many believe that increasing demand for solar will keep prices high (though not at high as the currently are).

At the very least, more photovoltaics on the market should help speed the transistion for those who are ready and willing to take the financial hit for the environment.

Source: TechnologyReview

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1 Catskilleco September 22, 2008 at 5:36 pm

Don’t forget as the demand rises I do not think that the subsidies, incentive rebates, and tax breaks that are in existence now will be around too long. I’m happy that the silicon shortage is firming up. and certain states like NY ,,,after all the rebates and incentives for residential installation is 40 to 45 percent depending on the size of your system! Anyway just my opinion!! Peace,,,, Catskill-eco

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