LA to Give Out Free CFLs to All City Residents

by Tim Fulton on February 13, 2009


Image: thingermajig

Over the next 12 weeks, the city of Los Angeles will begin handing out free CFLs and energy-saving tips to the 1.2 million households around the city. This program is part of a large initiative by the city of Los Angeles to lead the way in reducing its own energy consumption and GHG output.

Overall, 2.4 million CFLs will be handed out, that should reduce energy consumption a total of 240GWH, which is a pretty big number, even for a big city. In addition, the CFLs will save the city’s residents an estimated $61.3 million over the life of the bulbs.

Of course, two CFLs isn’t very much in the grand scheme of things – most homes have much more than two light bulbs, but hopefully the free bulbs will encourage households that haven’t yet considered the switch to pick up some more bulbs and try some other energy-saving tips.

Source: GCC

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