EcoRider: Snow Blower Attachment Installed

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by Tim Fulton on March 8, 2011

Now that we’re nearing the end of winter, I have finally got my snow blower attachment installed and working on the mower.


This is the mower at the end of fall. I had taken the mowing deck off and had test fit the blower attachment. As you can see, the arm for rotating the blower’s chute goes right through one of the front batteries. This required me to change the battery racks again. Thankfully, I now have a much shorter motor, and there is enough room for me to put a battery directly over the motor.


I think this new battery arrangement will work out better not just for blowing, but also for cutting the grass. With the double wide battery up front, I did have a little trouble with seeing the edge of the grass line if I was going around a corner sometimes. It wasn’t a big deal, but this will fix that.


So, with the racks remade, and a new belt for the blower attachment, I was able to spin it up the other night. Hopefully, I’ll get one more snow this year to try it out. I’d really love to ditch (well, proably freecycle) my old gas snow blower.

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