EcoRider: New Motor Installed & Results

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by Tim Fulton on November 8, 2010

At the end of the last update, I had gotten a new motor for the mower. The next step was to run it in. Running in the motor seats the brushes so they can transmit the power that the motor is rated for without any problems. This took a few days of running it on the bench at 12 volts.


Next, I had to deal with the shorter motor shaft. The top pulley doesn’t slip all the way on to the shaft. So, I ended up talking with an engineer at work. After a few calculations that took into account the power we were transmitting, we came to the conclusion that the current pulley engagement on the shaft was plenty. I added the bolt and washer to the end to add a little safety.



Now, the new motor has a different bolt pattern than the old motor. So, I welded the old holes shut and primed it to stop rust. I then drilled the new holes for the new motor.


With that all done, it was simply time to bolt the new motor in, hook up the belts and wire it back up.

A couple days later, due to bad weather, I got to use the mower. I must say, the new motor works amazingly well. This is my only mower, and it had been two months since I was able to cut the grass. In combination with that, it is fall and the leaves are almost all on the ground. The mower went through them like a champ though! It did slow down, but it still cut the grass very well, no uncut patches. Also, with the new permanent magnet motor, the rpms are more constant which makes the mower easier to use. The drive and deck speeds are right where they are supposed to be as well, and the new motor is even quieter than the old one. I am extremely happy with the new setup and can’t see changing anything mechanically.

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1 Costas Vlachidis February 18, 2011 at 2:11 am

Thnk you verymuch about this info.I had the sme problem with a threadmill DC motor That I have buy from surplus center. They are seying tis is a 2,5HP motor, but in practice it was less than 500w.I wad no think befor to run it for a whili , to sit wis brushes! I have throw it apart!
Thanl you again.

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