EcoRenovator Fall Giveaway Winners!

by Tim Fulton on October 3, 2011

It is time to annouce the winners of the giveaway! As I mentioned in before, the winners would be selected at random from the forum posts made between then and now. That includes post number 15917 to 16349. We made 442 posts in the past two weeks, each one an entry to the giveaway. So, without further delay, the winners are:

1) post# 16124 – trikkonceptz
2) post# 16077 – the1cyrus
3) post# 15991 – madmike
4) post# 15978 – Phantom
5) post# 16225 – S-F

Congratulations to our first five winners!

First five winners? Yep. We changed our minds and decided to change the rules part way through the giveaway. We hope you don’t mind, but we’re going to add another five winners!

6) post# 16024 – zick
7) post# 16345 – strider3700
8 ) post# 15952 – benpope
9) post# 16339 – AC Hacker
10) post# 16072 – Xringer

So, congratulations to all ten winners!

As I mentioned the first winner gets first pick of the prizes, second winner gets second pick from what is left and so on and so forth. Each winner will be notified via PM on the forum when the previous winner(s) have made their decision and what prizes are left.

If the winner finds that there is nothing s/he can use or give to someone they know, we would like to encourage them to decline their prize. We will select an additional winner in this case. The goal here is to see these items put to good use, not sit around collecting dust.

As a reminder, here are the prizes:

A big thanks to all our donators! The companies above have provided all the prizes for our giveaway and provide us with these and other energy saving products to use in our homes. Be sure to check out the nifty things they offer.

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