EcoRenovator 2011 Fall Giveaway Donators – MJSI

by Tim Fulton on September 27, 2011


MJSI is a company that makes toilet flushing products. Their main water savings device is a dual flush toilet conversion kit. In addition have fill valves that save water, detect leaks, and clean the tank. They also have flappers that are ensured to give a good seal so as not to waste water via leaking which is a common problem when it comes to leaky toilets.

hydroright conversion kit

For the giveaway, we have one of MJSI’s HydroRight dual flush toilet conversion kits. A few of our forum users have these and have good things to say about them. One of our members even wrote a review on the kit and installation that he bought. It is a great product if you want to save on water use.

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