Trane XL800 Thermostat Giveaway!

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by Tim Fulton on March 4, 2010

Over the last couple of months, we have installed a Trane programmable thermostat. We have also logged energy usage and verified the energy and cost savings from the thermostat installation. So far, it has been doing a brilliant job of saving energy, and in only two months has already saved enough money to have paid for itself.

Now, Trane was also nice enough to give us an extra XL800 thermostat to give away! We are very happy to give things to our readers and members. In fact, we’re so happy that we are going to sweetening the pot a bit with a couple extra things. We will add in a smart power strip, and also an online subscription to homepower magazine.

So, lets go over the rules:

  • There will be three winners of the giveaway. The first winner will get his or her choice of the prizes. The second winner will get his or her choice of the remaining prizes, and the third winner will get the last remaining prize.
  • The winners will be randomly chosen from a list of active forum members. So, if you aren’t signed up on the forum, you need to sign up and post at least once before March 18th.
  • On March 19th the winners will be announced on the forum.

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1 Ben Nelson March 4, 2010 at 10:35 pm

A contest!

Yeehaw! Count me in! I can always use a smart power strip!

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