Thai Buddhist Temple Built from Used Bottles

by Tim Fulton on October 27, 2008

Having studied Buddhism, I can tell you that one of the major obstacles on the path to enlightenment is letting go of worldly possesions. But, if you look at this Temple made out of used bottles from Thailand, you can tell that that doesn’t mean throwing everything away. After all, even Buddhists need a place to pray.

Rather, casting off attachment means that one is no longer preoccupied with the possesion of accumulation of wealth. Not to get into a religious discussion, but this philosophy is at the crux of the very interesting building you see in the picture above. Even though the world is full of beautiful, and sometimes even gold-plated Buddhist Temples, it can be easy to forget that Buddhism encourages a complete rejection of ideas such as consumerism and ownership.

What then would make a better Temple than recycled trash? Many might scoff at the idea of living in a building made of recycled bottles, but for devout Buddhists this could represent a rejection of excess and a return to a more esoteric lifestyle that has be lost in many branches recently.

Anyway, the most interesting thing about this is the recycled materials! Can you imagine an entire building made out of bottles, soda cans, or anything else that many people use on a daily basis? It’s such a creative way to recycle what might be throw out or melted down and turned into more of the same.

What have you made out of all recycle materials recently?

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Source: gUP

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1 Deb Kolaras October 29, 2008 at 10:52 am

Very unique and good use of materials… I can imagine a sitting wall in my garden with this idea incorporated.

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