Still Printing? Try Ecofont to Save Ink

by Tim Fulton on December 26, 2008


By now we all know that printing is bad for the environment and can be avoided using things like email, laptops, and scanners (to avoid the copy machine). However, there are times when we all have to print, like driving directions or research papers. Sure, driving directions aren’t ever too long but on those odd occasions when you have to print out several hundred pages of research to make reading, sorting, and citing manageable, ecofont would definitely help.

Anyway, ecofont works by putting little circles within the ink blocks for all the letters, thereby reducing the amount of ink used to print the letters. The creator experimented with different dot sizes until one that saved ink, but did not compromise readability significantly was added. Supposedly, this font, based on Verdana, should save about 20% of your ink.

For installation instructions check out the ecofont FAQ.

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1 Shell January 10, 2009 at 8:52 pm

Amazing, thanks for the heads up!

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