LEDs Designed for Standard Light Sockets

by Tim Fulton on September 6, 2008

LEDs are great. Not only are they instant-on, but they give off good light, don’t use much power, and last forever. In fact, LEDs last so long that most of the time they are built into whatever light fixtures the come with.

However, this doesn’t mean that people are going to want to (or should) throw out all their old lamps and lighting in favor of new LED installations. Not only is that not eco-friendly, but it’s probably expensive. It’s here then that FrogLight steps in to save the day with their traditionally-styled LED light bulbs.

These are great because they’ll preserve the feel of your lighting, save you money over new installations, and increase consumer acceptance of yet another new form of energy efficient lighting. These days it feels like we haven’t switched over to one thing before the next trend in green tech comes along, but I spose it’s all for the best!

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