Kenya to be 30% Wind by 2012

by Tim Fulton on January 26, 2009

Windy Kenya

Image: Andrew Turner

Kenya looks pretty windy, doesn’t it? Well, evidently it is and it’s a good site for a wind farm! Kenya uses just shy of 1,200 MW of energy, which, of course, is low compared to most European and North American countries, but because of this it is well-positioned to allow renewables to take a leading role in the energy development plans in the country.

When the 300 MW plant planned by Lake Turkana Wind Power is at full capacity in 2012 it was power just shy of 30% of the country. This is exciting not only because the $760 million farm will be financed in part by a fund for African development, but because it signals that Kenya, with 8% annual growth in demand is on its way to developing a green grid that will be able to power the country renewably. Hopefully this project is a success and other financiers begin to see developing countries as a worthy place to invest their environmental tech dollars.

Source: Treehugger

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