New Jersey to Get Huge Coastal Wind Farm

by Tim Fulton on October 8, 2008

Every so often my home state of New Jersey does something that I can be proud of. This is one of those times. The state has long had in place a goal of making 20% of its energy consumption renewable by 2020, and wind the recent announcement that regulators have approved a 346 megawatt wind installation, that goal is getting a little big closer.

The job includes $19 million of state funding and will be given to Garden State Offshore Energy in a joint project with P.S.E.G. Many have complained about the eyesore created by these offshore wind turbines, but this project will be locating said turbines 16 to 20 miles from the shore, which, as you can see in the NYTimes’s photo above, makes the turbines barely visible.

Also, by placing the turbines far off shore they are ensuring a more regular and stronger source of energy, which will not only make the turbines more valuable, but will decrease the price of the power they generate. I look forward to seeing this project get underway.

Source: NYT

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