The Sensible House Project

by Tim Fulton on January 7, 2009

The Sensible House Project

Ever thought about building your own home? How would you do it? What would your goals be? When most energy conscious people think about home design the first word that comes to mind is “sensible.” An efficient home shouldn’t have anything unnecessary, or, even worse, wasteful. That’s where the Sensible House Project comes into play.

Here’s the project in the creator’s own words:

The Sensible House Project is about designing and building environmentally friendly homes that move our society toward more sustainable living, without sacrificing how attractive and expensive they are.  Its about thinking idealistically, but being pragmatic.  Its about understanding human needs and desires, and finding good compromises. Since environmental building is a rapidly changing field, the concept of what a sensible house will change as well.  The idea of the Sensible House is be environmental in a way that just about everyone would want, if only they knew it was available and had a chance to experience it.

The site has a lot of great info on it, from green building theory to real examples of “sensible houses.” Go check it out if you’re looking for some inspiration.

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1 crackgerbal January 8, 2009 at 5:22 pm

Awesome project. We are doing a similar one, but with houses that are not new. Also food for thought: solar panels will probably never be cheap enough to be purchased by the average worker, this is because the actual materials costs are too high.

So we are considering other power options as alternative to solar panels. Have you seen this:

Also there are many cheap wind turbine designs.

Thanks for the post, glad to see your blog being such a positive influence on society!

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