Free Energy Modeling with Google Sketchup

by Tim Fulton on September 16, 2008

Just the other day I was talking with my partner about how neat it would be to have a tool that would allow you to model a building and figure it’s energy conserving properties. Creating such a program is no easy task (nor is modeling a building and trying to figure out how much heating and cooling it will need), but lucky for us, Inhabitat reports on a new plugin that works with Google Sketchup to do just this.

The plugin is free and was developed by Integrated Environmental Solutions, and has a whole host of features, which you can learn about here when you go to download the plugin. You can do this kind of modeling with other programs, but the ability to do it for free is what makes this plugin really attractive. Hopefully I’ll have some time to model my own home and consider the effects of some ecorenovations in a slightly more scientific manner.

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