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Samsung 40" CCFL LCD LN40C5xx: Uses 107W per EnergyStar, 143W out of the box, 54W with picture adjusted for more appropriate brightness, 39W with Eco Mode set to "max".

Samsung televisions tend to have better energy-saving features than any other brand. The ones I saw in the store would let you turn the brightness down farther for more power savings in a dim room. The high end ones also have a "presence sensor" so it can turn off the video if you leave the room.

I've got it hooked up through VGA because I don't have an HDMI cable, and I heard that HDMI doesn't support power management anyway.

Strider: I do watch some digital over the air transmissions, but I much prefer to watch the same shows on the HTPC.

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Thanks for the info!
I've gone to the far end of energy conservation for movie watching and have a 15 watt micro projector (Aaxa p2) and I could leave it on 24/7 and still be under the 180kwh per year!
I normally project a 6 foot image on to a white pull down window shade, the projector is smaller then two sticks of butter and mounts on a camera tripod, when not in use it's behind the couch.
It has two draw backs, first one is that it has a cooling fan, so there is a hum, you get used to it but I wish it wasn't there as it makes it hard to turn the volume of what you are watching down.
2nd draw back is that you need to dim the lights or turn them off to get good image quality.
I have no plans tho to get a standard TV at any point, I like the free space, my couch faces a window instead of a TV and it requires 20 seconds of setup so it requires thought instead of sitting down and pressing a button.

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