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Default Fire pits - anyone have one?

We're thinking about doing a fire pit in the backyard. We were going to do gas and that fake lava stuff, like they have at resorts, etc. However, I'm hearing from friends and neighbors that gas is a waste of money. They all recommend wood burning and even suggest just getting one of the portable ones - cheaper and more mobile. I'm not crazy about dealing with wood, ashes, etc. and also feel like a built in firepit will add some value (albeit minimal) for resale, but I also don't want to waste money on a built in, gas fire pit if we can get the same effect with a portable wood one.
Anyone have one or the other and have opinions? Or does anyone know anything about the pros and cons of gas vs wood for fire pits?

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In the yard a circle of rocks and a dug out area works fine. I just burn the wood from fallen limbs and tree trimmings.
If its on a deck I would never do that! (gas or wood)
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