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Originally Posted by WyrTwister View Post
Bought it at Johnstone Supply . The company I work for has an account with them . So , I paid wholesale .

Went back to them to get the replacement board .

I did the repair .

I was expecting more than one circuit board , but everything was on the single board . I am running this ~ 12,000 BTU unit on 120 VAC . Apparently , the board converts the power to something similar to 3 phase .

God bless

Most of the mini splits step up the voltage to around 380V DC. Then they convert that to whatever the compressor uses. Most are three phase. Basically work like big commercial style power supplies. The big capacitors are what usually go bad as with all electronics everyone uses cheap caps.
So be careful when messing with those boards as the caps can bite you if you forget to discharge them.

I keep thinking about a minisplit in the kitchen. In the summer you really don't want to do much cooking because its already 100*+ and the AC is already running non stop... A nice small minisplit would make the kitchen much more usable in the summer. I'm thinking ceiling mount but they are pricey still. Though I do have a spot for a wall mount and the smallest unit would do what I need.

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I have a window A/C in our kitchen . 12,000 BTU , I think . Large enough to mostly keep the kitchen cool while Wifey is cooking .

Best to keep the cook as happy as possible ! :-)

God bless
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Old 06-14-18, 12:51 PM   #13
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Talking of cheap heat pump anyone have senville unit?
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Originally Posted by pr0cess0r View Post
Talking of cheap heat pump anyone have senville unit?
That was one brand I looked at. As WyrTwyster pointed out, getting replacement parts for any of these come-and-go brands is a toss of the dice.

For that matter, getting parts for any HVAC system can be a hassle. The suppliers in this area won't sell to anyone without a contractor's license and an established account. That is part of the reason I am still using window shakers.
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Steve Hull
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Based on pinballs recomendation, I purchased a single zone 36 kBtu minisplit unit from Comfortup. It is a Gree with the inverter technology and SEER in the mid 20's.

I am incredibly impressed. It is in a 2400 sq ft shop and it is just sucking the water out. I have in the "dry" mode which maximizes moisture extraction at the cost of a few degrees higher than the set point. About 5 gallons of condensate a day for the first few days.

When we first turned it on, we didn't hear the compressor kick on, but the fan turned on and we thought might be a defective compressor. While reading the troubleshooting notes, we heard and saw water exiting the condensate line. Yes, that quiet.

The inside unit is also amazingly quiet.

Free shipping, free 25 foot line set and no tax. Wonderful!

Thanks pinballl for your suggestion - spot on.
consulting on geothermal heating/cooling & rational energy use since 1990
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Originally Posted by WyrTwister View Post
From my research , one thing your money buys ( potentially ) on the more expensive units is a higher SEER rating . My advice is to buy the highest SEER rating you can afford .
Small/medium sized mini-splits have higher SEER than larger ones. Single outlet/air handler units also tend to have higher SEER than one that can handle multiple air handlers.

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