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Default Garden Shed Plans

This isn't exactly an 'eco' topic, but I'm wondering if anyone has found plans to build a garden shed? I can probly put something together, but if anyone has proper plans for a 8x10 or 10x12 ish garden shed, even better!



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Lex Parsimoniae
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I was also thinking about a shed and someplace to install some PV panels..
So, whatever kind of shed you decide to build/or buy, if you want the
choice of adding some PV later, remember to get a roof dead south
and maybe clear of shade trees.

I liked some of the designs I saw.. Because I live up north, my roof needs
to be about 41 degrees to get max solar. (And for snow to slide off).

I searched on Solar Shed and got a bunch of greenhouse sheds.

I was surprised at the amount of DIY kits with free shipping that you can find these days on the web..

Good luck
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Lex Parsimoniae
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Default I'm not going to be much help..

The main problem I had, was placing the site. because of all the shadows, in the back yard,
I went with a movable tracking mount for a small solar array.

I plan to move the whole thing around to find the optimum location.

The steel rails that I used, Super-Strut B1400HS might be very useful
for installing panels on a roof. And they are much cheaper than Aluminum.
And you can get 1/4:20 Nut-plates that fit inside the rails.

I ended up using 4 rails, but on a roof or any fixed surface (that didn't flex),
2 rails should work fine.
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Lowes & Home Depot both sell portable structures similar in size and scope to what you are talking about. They have examples of them built and sitting on their parking lots in my area (North AL). Visit a store with a camera and tape measure and you'll have plans in short order.

Be sure to take closeup pictures of all the nonsquare joints and note the cut angles, etc. Best of all, when you get stumped or you don't have the right picture detail, just stop back by and refresh your memory.
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yes you have to choose which is cheaper and useful for your garden. Garden shed should be needed for your garden.
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Check out myshedplans(dot)com. You have to join a mailing list, so make up a yahoo or google account. I downloaded a bunch from them. All of it is waaaay on the back burner hower. I have more pressing things that are going to take my time and money, like replaceing a rotting front door.

Good luck.

If they don't have the free plans, let me know. I'll dig them up and email them too you.

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