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outdoor reset:

“It changes the supply temperature in response to an ANTICIPATED change in demand indoors. I say "anticipated" because your house shell and insulation introduce a lag in demand.

If your system is digitally controlled it will try to keep calls for heat as long and as infrequent as possible regardless of the temp outside. The more closely your reset curve matches the actual loss, the longer and less frequent the calls for heat.

If your system is proportionally controlled (IE: TRV’s)
it will try to keep flow through the system as consistent as possible by ensuring that the temperature of the circulating water closely matches the heat being lost by the structure.”

This is a quote from an expert “Mike T., Swampeast MO”

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Why do you need a 4-port? You should easily be able to do this with a standard 3-port valve. Hot water goes in one inlet, return teed into the other inlet, and circulating pump for the zone on the mixed outlet port.
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been looking into a 3 way as well.
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You will not get anything close to 175*F from the GSHP?

New water to water heat pumps probably have controls built in for outdoor reset.

It's inefficeint to mix down the water from the heat pump, most likely the temp can be adjusted with a temp sensor connected to the GSHP.

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