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Default What wall decals would look good with this?

I'm redecorating my tiny room, and since painting is "out of the question", i'm stuck with these awful, beige-ish brown walls.
I'm kind of trying to go with a purple & blue theme. (my bedspread is blue, my mirror and shoe-rack are purple, etc.)
Could someone give me links to some cool wall decals that will look good on my walls?

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Holy cow,

You are right around the corner from where I work. Best thing you could do is go to Arron Bros art mart, or some other art store and find some decals. My ex-girlfriend put up some in her kid's room... "A journey of 1000 miles...etc." actually looked real good. She used two different fonts for emphasis.

Never mind that it was on the BRAND NEW DRYWALL that cost me a fortune, but that's a different story.

If you're not very artistic (like me) ask an artist. They will GUSH giving you advise if you just ask. Oh, and they frequent the art stores.

Good luck.

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