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Not to take bloody forever to finish a project, but things have once again occurred in development. Discovered that the evaporator between a heatpump and straight cool model differed. The heatpump coil, which I was using, had the suction coming off the air downstream of the coil, which was not very good at extracting all the available superheat. The a/c version has the suction on the front of the coil, allowing higher coil capacities as the superheat could be set much lower. So of course, I changed the coil. Fixed my txv hunting issues and increased system capacity. I achieved almost the same btu at 54*F ambient, as I was getting before in the mid 70s! Also got to play with my new gauges to very accurately setup superheat and subcooling. I have also learned the value of a proper vacuum. My previous equipment was old and mal-cared for, and in no way or form could pull an acceptable vac below 4-5000 microns. Fast forward to good cared for equipment, it took forever to get down to 300 microns, as the system had previously uncaptured air and moisture in it. Took a lot of heating of the drier and compressor to get it to stop off gassing moisture. I have also made an attempt at organizing and documenting the experience in a proper photo album, for your viewing pleasure! Still using the same old server that can be a little slow, so give it a moment.

Its been a rough year, so any project development was pretty much halted. I'm taking a more Me Time centric approach to this year as it seemed like everyone else owned more of me than I did, so hopefully things will start progressing again. Losing track of your life, a little hospital time, and a couple major disasters changes your outlook on things, let me tell ya.

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