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Default Can I use a Pool Heat Pump for In-slab Hydronics?

I'm currently extending our house with an area that will have PEX in-slab hydronic coils fitted. I haven't decided on the heat source yet and am considering a couple of different options.

Before I get into those options I should detail our extension. We are adding 100m^2 to a 100m^2 house. The design has passive solar features like appropriate shading and equator oriented windows to collect winter sun. Glazing is low U value but high solar heat gain coefficient to maximise the winter heating potential. Our climate here in Sydney is pretty moderate. Very few days would get below 5 degrees C (though today is close!). Our heating requirement will not be anywhere near the heat input required in the colder parts of North America.
Heat sources. Originally I was looking at solar thermal collection with either flat plate or evacuated tube collectors. I still like the concept but would need decent storage capacity and still be subject to the vagaries of the weather. The collectors would also have low utilisation across the shoulder months and could potentially overheat in summer.
Then somebody pointed out the use of Air source heat pumps. The multiplying effect of the COP looks tempting and as I am in a moderate climate I figure it should perform close to the specs. In particular, pool heat pumps seem oriented towards heating water to 40-50 degrees C and are really starting to drop in price. Assuming I size it correctly, can a pool heat pump be used as an ASHP to heat water for an in-slab hydronics set-up?

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Originally Posted by munter View Post
can a pool heat pump be used as an ASHP to heat water for an in-slab hydronics set-up?
Welcome to the conversation munter,

The answer to your question is, yes you can. What's going to make it interesting is controlling the temperature.

The next fun part is deciding how much heat output will be appropriate for your situation. Your description of your addition is interesting, but you'll need to come up with a heat loss/gain figure.

You might be interested in people who have hacked ASHP so that they have water out.

I hear that Aussies are amazingly inventive...

Do your thing.



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ashp, in-slab hydronics, pool heat pump

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