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Old 10-31-08, 09:09 AM   #21
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Here's my backyard. I don't mow it very often. The goats keep it trimmed up for us these days.

Sorry Tony, I just had to be an a s s... I am jealous of all your flat space though, you don't realize how nice it is until you try to figure out where to put the shed and how you can drive to it...

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Old 11-15-08, 01:29 PM   #22
Tony Raine
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i like that "yard" indyian. i'm used to living on 40-120 acres, this little stuff is still new to me.

got some new "to me" stuff to help organization. helped a buddy clean out a storage shed, and he said i could keep whatever i wanted that he would otherwise throw out. i also gave his parents a jar of homemade peach jam, just to be nice.

some of the goodies include:

some scrap lumber for making shelves (and some shelving brackets)
basically everything wood in this picture. some random plywood, 2 SOLID wood doors (about 50 years old), a 4x4 post, and some pegboard. one door will be a workbench, i'll make shelving out of the rest of the stuff, and whatever's left will be a nice warm bonfire.

a working electric pressure washer, and a little air compressor/tank combo that his dad took apart and couldn't get back together again. i may just put a gauge and chuck on the tank, and use it as just an air tank for little stuff (i can fill it with my big compressor). i'll probably just give the motor away if i can't fix it.

and this metal cabinet and metal shelf. the cabinet is rusted out on the bottom, but i'll just screw some plywood around the base to reinforce it, and leave it at that.

kind of unrelated, but i also grabbed one of my old bikes from my parents house. its an all chrome kawasaki frame, just needs to be polished.
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Old 12-04-08, 04:31 PM   #23
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Where are you located? If live somewhere with a 'real' winter and plan to use the shed year round then insulation should be next on your list.

You might also consider installing a used skylight (craigslist, freecycle, Habitat Re-Store) on the North side of the roof (if the shed is facing the right way) for daylighting.

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Old 12-04-08, 05:22 PM   #24
Tony Raine
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i live in arkansas. but i'm originally from upstate new york. so the winters here are pretty mild for my standards. granted, i would love to insulate it. but unless i get a great deal (aka free) its pretty far down on the list.

the shed wall that faces the house, faces north. eventually i will put in a window in the wall above where the workbench will be. that way i get the light, and a good view of the house (when i'm inside working)
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Old 06-02-09, 04:07 PM   #25
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fruit trees. lots and lots of fruit trees all along the northern edge of the fence (so that they get plenty of southern sunshine). Free food (eco friendly), pretty (eco friendly), and they'll help a little to slow down wind (which could lower your energy bills indoors) as well as giving birds a place to be.

I don't envy you the mowing task, but I like the large open space.

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