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Judging from the pictures it looks like you're using a Sunpower inverter. Is that the case and is it paired with power optimizers, or do you have a micro inverter setup? Does it give you an online dashboard you can look at your power production like the SolarEdge inverters do?

DIY installed a 9.98 kW rooftop solar system with REC TP2 panels, SolarEdge SE7600a-us grid tie inverter, power optimizers, & Snap 'N Rack mounting system.
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We have Sunpower micro inverters, and that Sunpower unit is the connection to the network. We have two online dashboards, actually - Sunpower and BlueSel, who were the installers.

At 60 days of production from our 10.1kW solar array, we have a total of 2.386.1kWh, which was 70.7% of what we used. That's 39.77kWh / day average. (We had several cloudy days recently.)

We have also switched our grid supplier, and gone from about 61% renewable energy, to 100% wind renewable - and better yet - we are saving 3.19 / kWh!

We have two electric cars, and one gasoline one. The Scion xD sits in the driveway 6 days a week, usually. And our natural gas bill is tiny, as well - we cook and dry our clothes with natural gas. Next stove will be an induction unit, and hopefully the next clothes dryer is either a heat pump, or ultrasonic (if they produce them).

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