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The easiest way to protect them against over speeding is to use a furling mechanism. when the winds get too high the blades turn away from the wind slowing the blades and preventing over speed.You should try this concept sure you will be getting more new concepts.

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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
Drag type wind machines that simply have a scoop use something that looks like that pvc "blade" but to work very well you want a true air foil, otherwise the wind is just pushing the blade out of the way, with an air foil it is creating "lift" to move it around.
Looks like this little bit of misinformation has been circling the interwebs for two years now. If mounted improperly, PVC blades only act as a "scoop" or drag machine, but if cut and placed correctly, they use the partial curve profile they have to ACT as an airfoil.

PVC is actually nearly as efficient as many of the DIY wooden blades if tuned properly, the biggest setback is size. You can't build a 17' wind turbine with PVC due to the amount they bend and the amount of stress they'll be under.

For smaller scale turbine projects, they work absolutely perfectly though and the price point is dead on!

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