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Default Spreadsheets for tracking data

What spreadsheets do you use to track data on your home computer? How would you rate them?

I use an old version of Open Office (on an even older version of Linux, Fedora 6). It has more options than I need (basic math plus graphs), so I haven't thought about upgrading it, but there is one shortcoming: when plotting, say energy usage, with the date on the horizontal axis, all the entries on that axis are evenly spaced, i.e. the distance between any two sequential date entries is the same, no matter if the difference between those entries is 1 day or 2 months. What I'd like is the horizontal entries to be spaced proportionally to the dates they represent. Is there an option in Open Office that would allow this? Or any other program?

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I use open office for my minute by minute readings of energy use and google docs for my daily and monthly. When I take the time to get the programming done to automatically fill the spreadsheet I'll be using google docs for everything.

It has a graph that will spread thigns out by date and lots of cool zooming options.

here is my over a month behind filling it out (hence the automation programming needed) hotwater usage spreadsheet as an example.

Also here's my whole house electric usage broken down with a bunch of info I work out

I'm very happy with google docs. I'm at work at the moment but 100% of my data is there easy to access and trivial to share.

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Default Spreadsheet - Gnumeric...

I'm using Gnumeric, because it's small & free. It acts a lot like Excel, but for now it's getting the job done. The graphics are fair.

I've used MS Excel before and I like it, the graphics are better than Gnumeric, but I still have trouble displaying data the way I would like. The graphics are kind of semi-automatic and there are places where I would like to be able to tweak, I can't. I don't know if it's a limitation of the program or the user.

I keep think that there is something out there that would give me awsome control, and still be open source, but I haven't found it yet.


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