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Smile Technical detals of solar dryer

It is again that time of year to do the re-install for the 5 segment solar dryer.

Tension in the solar collectors is critical to avoid having to use strut supports in the centers.

Geomagnetic influence is minimal. However, as we are in a sometimes flight path for SeaTac, if tensioned correctly, the visible fundamental vibration of the lines can detect an approaching 2000 ft altitude airliner prior to being heard. Old 727 passovers from JBLM medevac operations excites the 2nd harmonic.

Implementation of the lines thru suspension of evaporative apparel does occur a high damping factor on the airlines detection sensitivity.

The gender biased operator does tend to operate the dryer with certain items of feminine apparel installed on the far side of the visibility factor relative to transportation byways in the locale.

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We generally use the condensing dryer for smaller stuff and dry large stuff on a line outside or in the basement. The basement line hangs in a room with a heat pump water heater so clothes dry very quickly there because of the low humidity.

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