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Default Fixing to do a grid tie . Havent fooled with pannels in a long time

Well so far . My avg daily useage is 8-11 kws a day for the whole house . I havent fooled with solar in a long time . And my figures i cant remember so i gotta have some help here. Cheapest way is going buy more pannels by the pallet so thats what i plan to do . According to charts i get around 3.5 sun hours . I found a pallet of 5kws . Im guessing that they will put out 5*3.5 avg . So 17.5 kw hours a day.If it was sunny every day.

Being my max useage has been 12 kws since i bought my 220 volt meter . I figure that the extra 5.5 kws i will bank for the cloudy days . Like i said i havent fooled with pannels . If anyone knows a better way to figure the calculations i would like to know the figures .

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Just use PVwatts
If you are going with EnPhase microinverters use DC to AC Derate Factor: 0.86
That should put you pretty close to a good estimate

Check out these builds (pricing keep in mind they did this a while ago)
Designing and Installing a Grid-Tie PV System Designing and Installing a Grid-Tie PV System
and Doug

Doug's New 4.6 KW micro inverter DIY Grid Tied PV Array

This was such useful information when I was researching solar power

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