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Default Newbie planing system, Need help! 31kw system?

Hello, my Name is Tyler and I'm from Ohio. Well Iím saving up for a solar system, at fist I would like this to be a grid tie, then work in a battery back up down the road and I have the numbers for what my finished product will need. I will be mounting these in a side yard; I most likely will not need help with the mounting of the panels. The only question I have for that would be, is it true that I want to slant my panels according to my latitude and longitude? Also if Iím trying to run my whole house should I go 24V or 48V? I know the higher voltage allows for less resistance threw the wires but thatís about all I have on that information.
My Arrays will produce roughly 25,000w if my estimations are correct. I run about 3,000kw a month (There are many factors that go into this, I donít own the house Iím in and I cannot make changes to anything that the house uses for sewage and the sub pump is only like 15gallons so it kicks on a lot. I also have a second family in this property, somewhat like a duplex) If I need 3,000kw = 3,000,000w thatís 100,000w a day for 30days, I live in Ohio so the average is 4.2 I like to round down on numbers like this so I went to 4 hours for 25,000w an hour. Are these calculations correct? I have worked with construction and rewiring (from breaker to rooms) in a few houses but I donít know a lot about electricity. I would like to go with micro inverters but due to me having to get 125 panels (200w or 59, 425w panel) it will get costly fast. My next question is can I have a pure sign wave inverter and have a few panels with micro inverters and just add on as I acquire more currency?
Now to my charger controller questions. I read that each controller takes so many amps. So I read that to get the amps that your running you need to use this formula (amps=watts/volts). So If I need a system for about 32kw (25kw x .25=6,250 + 25kw= 31,250kw) and I take that with a 24v system its 1,303Amps? (For 24V its 652Amps) Would the amps be the same for the Inverter as well?
Lastly I need to know where some people buy there equipment at, I have searched all over and I found some panels at a cheep price of .28/w and .48/w at sunelec(dot)com Sun Electronics. Thereís been some bad reviews of this place from the past but that was about 4 years ago and now they hold a A+ rating on another site I found. I would really like to get the panels for under $1/w if possible, or if there are any kits that will match my needs that would be great too. Thank you for all your time!

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