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Originally Posted by deansolar View Post
Nice review! I've never tried an electric vehicle before..
Until July 2019, I had not driven, or been a passenger in any EV either. However, I managed to convince my wife to go test drive a used EV with me one night after work. (It was a used off-lease VW e-Golf with 16k miles on it, offered for around $13k.) It was that one short test drive that sold us on getting a new one (with larger battery, and DC Fast Charging). My EV was the first "New car" I'd ever purchased, for myself. My wife knows I'm thrifty, and yet willing to spend $$ on items we expect will benefit us in the long term. Not 5 minutes into the test drive, my wife said "This is awesome! You should get one..." Nine months in, I have not put 300 additional miles on my internal combustion vehicle since the EV arrived.

In the months since, my sister has added a used Nissan Leaf to her fleet of vehicles for her family of 4 drivers. She says she loves not having to put gas in something... Both of us have PV arrays on our house, and abundant sunshine to power our EVs.

If you can find some EV to test drive, take one for a spin. It may simply spur you to analyze your driving habits and determine what options out there might work for you in the future.

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