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Old 02-29-16, 05:19 AM   #11
Lurking Renovator
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Yea IKEA LED's around 5 months now and still going on with out any problems. They are really bright as well.

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Steve Hull
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There are still places for CFLs.

I replaced the overhead "can" CFL lights with LEDs in our bedroom. Same lumens as the prior CFLs. The early Monday morning after I put them in, I turned on the lights while my wife was still in bed - kinda dozing. It is our way of saying time to get up and to work . . .

She screamed - TURN THEM OFF!!

Recall that the "old" CFL's warm up over a minute or so, so the first output is WAY diminished. The LED's "instant on, 100% output" feature was quite apparent.

The CFL's went back in . . . .

consulting on geothermal heating/cooling & rational energy use since 1990
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Old 04-14-16, 11:05 AM   #13
Lurking Renovator
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Just use them in rooms where we spend a lot of time such as family room to watch TV, kitchen and a small low powered one for hallway. The rest of the house has CFL's because they are off most of the time.

The best thing about life is that you can enjoy it to the fullest if you want.
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