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Default highly reflective surfaces...

I had a friend who had more copper than common sense...

He even put a sheet of copper in back of his wood stove, over a wooden wall. On the evening that I discovered this, I was over at his house and he had a hot fire roaring in his wood stove. I was sure that he was going to set his house on fire, because everyone knows that copper is an excellent conductor not only of electricity, but of of heat. It was obvious to me that the copper and the wall were going to be painfully hot to the touch, so to prove it to myself and to him, I lightly touched the surface of the copper, and it was cool... I couldn't believe it, so I touched another area, same thing.

So I'm now using copper-tinted plastic window film on my west-side windows. Makes a big difference in the summer.


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I replaced a small flat roof on my house with commercial grade bright white rubber over the summer. In direct sun, the rubber feels completely cool and the gray asphalt next to it nearly burns my hand. The rooms that the flat roof covers were noticeably cooler in the summer. I would imagine going from a dark shingle roof to bright white on the whole house would greatly reduce the need for cooling.
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Its really a good idea its help full in preventing roof heating.i would like to tel you another energy saving technique nansulate its a very effective energy saving coating technique based on nanotechnology it worked thermal insulation that prevents the heat transformation from out side to inner wall and keeps the room temprature low.

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