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Old 01-12-14, 09:45 AM   #1
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Default Snow drifting on roof

I'm in cold northern Alberta Canada and when it snows we have a major drift on our lower shed roof blown off the higher gable roof. This drift piles behind the gable and adds a lot of weight to the shed roof. I have been thinking of ways mother nature could work for me to undo this situation. Have you seen the air spoilers on say the back of a school bus or some cars? These are here to clear the back window of debris left in the vortex while traveling down the road. I was thinking of hanging something similar off the higher gable roof fascia pointing down to the shed roof to act as a wind disturber to send those nasty snow particles on there way to the nabours to plug up his roof. Would any of you have ideas how it may work. I might build a small model and put in my wind exposed yard . That would save me climbing on a slippery tin roof to change my designs when they don't work.

Thanks Greg

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It will be expensive and require near perfect design to rig up spoilers that can withstand the high winds that may appear from all directions, as well as hold the weight of the snow and be big enough to effect the snow drift position.

I think it would be a much better idea to move or rebuild the shed onto a more suitable spot
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Old 01-13-14, 08:13 AM   #3
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Ill have to take pics of the situation. Moving is out of the question it is my bedroom roof we are discussing. I may have to admit defeat and buy a snow shovel, but it is a deadly slippery tin roof i have to stand on .
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Old 01-15-14, 11:12 AM   #4
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A snow roof rake may be the answer. It's a lightweight plastic blade mounted on the end of an extendable tube handle. You should be able to pull a lot of the snow down from the roof without leaving the safety of the ground.
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a simple and useful tool for cleaning snow from roofs

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