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Default Making ice cubes

This is just something that rattles around in my head when it's raining-

so, we get a lot of rain here. Air and water temps in the 40's, lots of wet.

I'm trying to figure out how to use the heat out of the water by
freezing it- then dumping the ice, to freeze more water.
At a relatively large scale, like, enough to provide domestic
heat and hot water.

Freezing's not a huge problem. Run a heat pump for a while.
then how to get rid of the ice? Make sheets, then let them slide
off into a pile? Hundreds of re- purposed refrigerator ice makers?

By the time I get the next batch of water ready to freeze,
a regular old air source heat pump looks pretty elegant,
especially from a reliability standpoint.

Any thoughts on how to get phase change heat out of water and
make it a continuous process?

Goodness knows, the rain is continuous...

just thinkin',


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You just described how a commercial ice machine works. Cycle starts, and a valve fills up a tank to a preset level. A pump recirculates the water over the evaporator / mold. A probe senses the ice thickness and advances the cycle once the desired thickness is achieved. The refrigeration loop is then switched to "hot gas defrost", where the metering device is bypassed. Hot compressor gas goes through the mold, and the ice falls out. After a short time, the cycle starts over.

These commercial ice makers are a whole lot more efficient at making ice than a home refrigerator ice maker. For a 6000 btu machine, it's typically able to make 500 pounds of ice per day. That's a lotta ice!

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