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One of the guys I work with basically did the same thing as Nate. Buy several 4x8 or 4x10 sheets of foam, cut to fit, use a foam safe adhesive to adhere the material to the door skin. If you go with a material with the radiant barrier already attached to it, you may gain slightly more R-value if you can maintain the air gap necessary to make a radiant barrier work.

I'm fortunate that the last place I bought came with a commercial insulated door. The first place I bought, I added an insulated door when I needed an impact rated (hurricane) garage door.

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Originally Posted by jeff5may View Post
I'm going at the low hanging fruit first, and right now the garage door is it. I'm not trying to spend hundreds of dollars to insulate the door. At the moment, I'm looking for information from those of you who have been there before. What to use, how to do it with a minimum of materials and labor involved. I am not looking for stellar insulating power, but anything is better than the thin flat conduction plate I have for a wall now.
I would say go with these:
Mine were the 1/2" thick and are a little on the too flexible side.

They should be flexible enough to bend them into the cavities. You do not need glue to hold them in place, just oversize them by 1/4"-1/2" and they will hold themselves in place (I have yet to have a piece fall off my door in the two years since I did mine).

If your door is an 8'x16', you will need 6-8 pieces of foam. Since you are over-sizing the pieces to fit snug, you will end up having a decent bit of scrap leftover. For <$100 and ~2 hours worth of work, I doubt you will find anything better.

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