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Default 4-5 ton Mr. Cool universal with a short life

I wanted to share an experience that I had with my heat pump. It was installed about a month before its life came to an end.
When I came home I noticed that it was cold in the house but the heat pump was not running and my ecobee thermostat was in a heat mode that I've not seen before, so I thought at first it was the problem. I believed the heat pump had just ran because like normal there was a wet spot under the unit. I later realized it was compressor oil and a very large amount had came out of the system. There was the large spot on the concrete, the blanket around the compressor was saturated, and anywhere that could hold a liquid inside the unit was also full of oil.

I put my gauges on and nothing was left in the system, so I hook up nitrogen and pressurized the system and found a factory braze that had failed.

So I called my online retailer to find out how much oil did it start with new, how do I determine how much to add back, and what type of oil did Mr. cool prefer.

And just like that they said that they are sending out a new unit and to send the old one back no charge to me.I guess I didn't think that I warranty for a online purchase was going to be any good, I was was wrong.

It should be here this week and swapping will be very easy except for the 309 lbs. it's a beast.

My bill for gas last month was 53 and my neighbors was 164. I've used him as a comparison for years. I realize it's not apples to apples but it is useful none the less. He only uses natural gas for heat where as mine is also used for the dryer.

I love shifting more and more over onto our solar system.

Last year I decided to get my refrigerant license and did end up getting a universal so that I can work on all systems. During this time I also bought all the tools of the trade. I find hvac quite fascinating.


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