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I agree. Windows 10 looks cool and is all fancy, but I could do without all the garbage that it uses. It's video player is terrible compared to Win7. That goes for it's picture viewer as well. Edge is supposed to be fast, but I hate how it works. I may switch to Ubuntu or Mint instead. I'm tired of MS garbage.

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I have been using Ubuntu or Mint for 10 years now with great success. There are many differences from Windows or Apple but since most everything is browser based now there is no real difference to most people. I still keep a copy of windows in a virtual machine but have been using it less and less.
I was planning to update that VM to win10 until I heard the ugly stories. No thanks.
Most of the ugly stories about Linux flavors are false and since most flavors come as live demos there is no risk to try them. if you don't like one remove the media (DVD or thumb drive) and reboot back to what you had.
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Originally Posted by AC_Hacker View Post

Getting back to Ubuntu... I have been following attempts to convert the little ASUS X205T from Win_8/10 to Ubuntu. So far, as best as I can determine, it's not ready for prime time, the Wi-Fi is not working, and the sound is not working... there may be some other issues also.

So, I am keeping my eye on the situation...


That is unfortunate. I forgot to mention, Ubuntu cannot run my laptop screen at it's native (higher) resolution, so I understand. It is possible that the latest Ubuntu fixes that issue, so thanks for reminding me that I need to look into that.
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AC_Hacker (09-01-15)
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Default Still on the trail...

I am still on the trail regarding Win_10 personal information tracking...

I had a brief conversation last evening, with a fellow I know who is currently (as in 'for now'...) using windows OS (7 & 10) to run applications that require maximum security.

He is the most computer savvy person I know, and even he didn't know about how invasive Win_10 has become. To put it mildly, he was very concerned.

I'll be interested to find out what he comes up with. I'd be surprised if he doesn't jump ship and go with some kind of Linux, or better yet, BSD.

I should report that I have gone through some of the recommended security-insuring lists and have turned "off" as many options as I could and still have my computer run. I have found that some of these settings have ominously re-set themselves to "on".

I'm now in the process of collecting and assessing various tracking tools.

One of them, "Windows 10 Privacy Fixer" triggered a Trojan alert in AVG. Could be a false positive, but I'm in a maximum conservative mode right now regarding my computer, so I dumped it.

But here is a very interesting write up that was hard to find. Especially interesting is in section 4, which concerns,"...remove your Microsoft account from Windows 10 and use a local account instead...".



I'm not an HVAC technician. In fact, I'm barely even a hacker...
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