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Default Lawn mower battery leads

There is a break somewhere on the lead between by battery and starter on my John Deere mower. I've decided to replace the leads but I don't know what gauge wire they are as I want to order the cables+lugs online.

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Based on the info provided I will gaze into my crystal ball... I see guage 4 but the answer is a bit fuzzy.. it could be 2. Any pre-made cable of the correct length should be up to the task if it is a garden tractor.
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Troubleshoot first. Could be a safety cutout, the key or pushbutton switch, or starter solenoid. Usually heavy gage wires fail at the ends unless the are mechanically severed somehow. Loose connections get hot and stop working.
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I bought a ride on mower that needed a starter and the more I look into it it looks like they tipped it over and the battery ripped out (lugs pulled off cables & hood is broken off..) I hooked 12v up to the battery leads and here was no voltage at the starter terminal.. I hooked 12v up directly to the new starter and it turned over right away so I'm assuming the cables were damaged somewhere.. I'll be tearing it right apart when I have a free weekend.
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Steve Hull
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Save some money vs. buying this cable. Get some insulated AWG4 stranded copper wire ($1 per foot; Lowes, Home Depot). Then get the appropriate sized lugs to fit on the ends (auto supply store; maybe $2 ). Solder these on using (no acid flux) and away you go. I use a propane torch for this, but be careful so you don't melt too much insulation. I usually finish it off by wrapping some electrical tape where the insulation melted off a bit.

The leads normally on ride on mowers (between solenoid and starter bolt) are cheap and are not thick enough. This extra sized cable will also insure the battery stays charged,

Good luck.


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