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Originally Posted by pinballlooking View Post
Nice... I watch the video nice install.
I 100 agree EV cars a solar really go well together.
have you figured out your saving form not buying gas now?
According to my expenses that I track through in 2017 I spent $2,098 on gasoline and maintenance on my two gas vehicles (2009 Honda Pilot, and 2013 Hyundai Sonata) and that doesn't include insurance since that's roughly the same now as it was then.
In 2016 I spent $2,104 on the same
In 2015 I spent $2,948 on the same

The average of those three years is $2,383 per year I was spending on vehicles that I am not spending anymore, except I still purchase tires for my electric vehicles, windshield wiper fluid, windshield wipers, and cabin air filters (Tesla only). I'm sure in the future there will be miscellaneous repair costs but so far that hasn't happened.

If we want to only look at gasoline I spent:
2017: $1,391.85
2016: $1,216.81
2015: $2,267.85

I certainly don't buy gasoline anymore AND I save the time not going to the gas station (and waiting in line if I go to Costco)

DIY installed a 6.38 kW solar system with REC TP2 panels, SolarEdge SE7600a-us grid tie inverter, power optimizers, & Snap 'N Rack mounting system.
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pinballlooking (08-03-20)
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I posted about our PV system and electric LEAF back in 2017, and thought I'd update a bit. In March we bought a newer used Leaf, a 2017 to replace our 2013 which we sold to one of our sons. My wife had been saving $150 a month which is what she figures we save by driving the Leaf instead of our old Chevy Metro which died a violent death when the front A-frame failed while driving. We averaged over 40mpg with the Metro, so our savings figure is based on the detailed budget and financial records that my wife has kept for the last 45 or more years. The savings factor in more expensive insurance on the Leaf, more expensive tires on the Leaf, and almost no fuel cost because our solar electric production would only be worth about 3 cents a kilowatt hour if we "sold" it back to the utility instead of using it to replace gasoline. Also we have installed a pair of mini-split heat pumps for heating in the fall and spring when it isn't cold enough to have our wood furnace going all day, so we are using our summer surplus production in the fall.
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pinballlooking (08-03-20)
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Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?

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