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Lex Parsimoniae
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Default Gas leak season & static electricity

These folks were extremely lucky. Since it seems like only a small amount
of gas detonated in the primary explosion.

Explosion rips through Winthrop, Mass. home
Many times, the walls come down completely.


Last night, I got up out of a leather covered chair in the den and stepped
over to the lamp table to unplug the Kindle Fire from it's charge cable.
As my finger tips neared the device, I received a static stock
and saw a bright spark leap between my fingers and the Kindle. Customer Discussions: static discharge ("shocks") when using Kindle Fire

Kinda strange. I guess the 5VDC inverter power supply and the power-strip
is somehow allowing a ground to be felt on the chassis of the Kindle..?.

Anyways, in my electrifying case, I think it's my fleece lounging wear being
quickly removed from a leather covered chair, that's building up the charge.

The other night I jumped up, took a few steps into the kitchen,
reached for the micro-wave door and saw the bright arc leap from my hand,
to the door and then jump to the micro-wave chassis on the other side of
the door, near the hinge.

The point of this ramble:

That house could have been detonated by static electricity..
So, that might be something to be thinking about if you work with Propane, or R290.?.

I was wearing a grounding strap on my wrist, all day yesterday,
while I was building some sensitive (and costly) electronic gear at work.
Got me thinking.. Could wearing anti-static grounding strap be useful when working with R290?

My hobby is installing & trying to repair mini-splits
EPA 608 Type 1 Technician Certification ~ 5 lbs or less..
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