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Default Voltage Regulator Circuit needed for a wind turbine

I am seeking a voltage regulator for my windblue 540 wind turbine. I am planning to run my wind turbine to a regular solar charge controller instead of using a dump load controller. What i am planning to achieve is that when the turbine is spinning if the voltage goes up to a point that the solar charge controller cannot handle it then the circuit would shorts the wind turbine output for a brief peroid which would cause significant drag which would make the wind turbine slow down plus harder to spin and then the circuit would release after a peroid which would be adjustable in the circuit allowing it to spin again and start feeding the charge controller. This would also serve as a braking system so that the wind turbine would not get to overspin making the dump load not necessary. I was thinking about using a timer circuit IC LM555 that would regulate how long the circuit would keep the wind turbine output shorted before releasing it again.

So if anyone has a circuit that can make this happen I would be very happy to get the schematic.
I anxiously await your comments/suggestions.

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Trying to control the voltage like that will most likely put so much stress on your charge controller that you will burn it out pretty quickly.
Also, try shorting out the out put of your alternator and see how hard it is to turn, shorting it out like that over and over again might just rip the alternator apart and over heat it quickly because the coils in the alternator will be the weakest part, also it has a 303 grade stainless steel shaft a grade of stainless steel that can not really be hardened from what I read, most wind turbines use a carbon steel shaft because unless you are getting salt spray on it, rust is never an issue, so if you are constantly shorting out your turbine it will put alot of stress on that shaft and over time it could twist or just snap off all together.
How big of battery bank are you charging? your alternator is small enough that you might not need a charge controller on it unless your battery pack is full and at that point shorting it out once to shut it down should work fine or a dump load.

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Default Wind Turbine Load Dump Controller: Home Improvement

Maybe use some big lamps for a load..
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500w Grid Tie Power Inverter,with Domp Load Controller - eBay (item 200581943524 end time Apr-30-11 02:14:43 PDT)

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