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Old 08-12-13, 08:14 AM   #31
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Thanks, I think the three big items are: (1) natural gas HWH saves ~ 400 kWh/mo. (2) not just Energy Star everything, but we compared the usage labels to try and get the better Energy Star items, and (3) add insulation until the wife gets upset.

Of course, the CFL's most everywhere and power strips on all electronics and the microwave were done ages ago.

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Old 08-16-13, 08:54 AM   #32
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Originally Posted by Elcam84 View Post
Even many of the govt studies have finally shown there is little to no savings from setback thermostats.
Can you provide links. I can not find that information.
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Old 08-16-13, 09:54 AM   #33
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I'll have to dig through and find them. Most were mentioned in HVAC trade mags and other info. The only mention I can find really quick is from Energystar and they do a good job hiding it. Seems as some might not like results from actual tests instead of just going by what someones hopeful calculations were.
The tests generally show that there can be a savings in heating but not really in cooling.

That's kind of an amusing read there. The part where they mention CA residents set back their heater temp more in the winter than those in cold climates.. Well DUH it's allot colder in those cold climates and your system isn't designed to warm it up from below freezing.

The setback idea sounds good at first but as you analyze it's effects it doesn't sound as good as first thought. Got pets in the house,wood floors, wood furniture etc and the wild changes in temp and humidity wreak havoc on those. Many in the HVAC trade find these thermostats amusing as they don't work in a properly designed system. You just install it make the customer happy and go on. Then when they call and complain that the house is hot until 2am with the ac running non stop since 5pm you now can sell them either a grossly oversized unit or a regular thermostat to control their properly sized system that is designed just big enough to maintain temp and save energy.

Rant over... I'll see if I can find the names to those other studies and find links online to them.
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Old 08-16-13, 09:58 AM   #34
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Here is another I found really quick with allot of good info and links.

Do Programmable Thermostats Really Save Money?

It also mentions something I forgot to say in the last post and it was the statement by the EPA. This is the quote from there.

"EPA has been unable to confirm any improvement in terms of the savings delivered by programmable thermostats and has no credible basis for continuing to extend the current Energy Star specification."
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Old 08-16-13, 11:50 AM   #35
Lex Parsimoniae
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I wonder if the data is coming from the average user, and there are actually
ways to use a set-back, to save energy?

I'm picturing a single guy (or working couple), that uses a hotair system,
that provides almost instant warm air heating.
(Maybe gas, electric or a mini-split).

If he isn't worried about heating up his whole dwelling,
and just wants some warm air blowing around when he gets home from work..
It seems like a set-back might work ..

That type of use Compares to an on-demand hot water heater for a sink.
No power is used overnight, or while the owner is away at work.
Only used when needed.
My hobby is installing & trying to repair mini-splits
EPA 608 Type 1 Technician Certification ~ 5 lbs or less..
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Old 11-09-13, 08:32 AM   #36
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75 in day except 2-7pm. 2-7pm 78 on weekdays. 72 at night.
OGE: SmartHours

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