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Wanna Beco
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So for some reason on my power companies website, the comparison page is missing. In dollars though, my bill was $90 Less this month than January of 2020. ($200 vs $112)

Now you may be thinking that we must have a sealed house. That is not true and here is why. We have not turned on our HVAC for a few months. NO HEAT! And that is what is so frustrating about this month's bill. That $112 bucks is all plugins. I can not really control for that with insulation.

My big expense is my hot water heater. I actually bought new insulation for it last month and rewrapped it. I did not have my sense last Dec. so I do not know what it was using. This billing cycle though it used 200KWH!!!! That alone is 24.5 percent of my electricity for this month. Now usually is uses around 3 kWh a day. I keep an eye on that as it is older. Well, yesterday it used 6.5 kWh. It has never used that much in one day.

The unit itself is 9-10 years old. Last January I cleaned it out and changed the elements. I am going to clean it out again, and I think I will switch the elements as I know the bottom one does most of the work (I think) Either way I think switching them during a service is a good idea. My Anode rod seems to be on the outlet line. I have never changed ANY anode rod before, but this one seems tricky. The videos that I watch all have the anode rod that is separate. Also, I know that I will have to cut the old rod with a grinder and the new one will have to be segmented so it can go in because I have very little clearance above the tank. Anyone ever done this before with this type of system?

Anyway that is my update

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Yup electric waterheaters cost far more to operate than the general public realizes. Usually you can assume it costs about $50 a month to operate for a typical household.

We will be going with a heatpump waterheater when I move the waterheater during the remodel. Use less electricity, cool and dehumidify the air yes please...

As for the anode rod. If your water eats it away quickly most likely you won't have much of it left and it will just come right out. If there is any left it'll probably be thin enough to just bend. If it's bigger than that then it probably doesn't need to be replaced yet.
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Wanna Beco
Helper EcoRenovator
Join Date: Jun 2011
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Originally Posted by Elcam84 View Post
Yup electric water heaters cost far more to operate than the general public realizes. .
YES! I lived in an appartment prior to owning this home. I lived in this apartment for 11 years. It had a gas water heater(HWH). The HWH was the only gas appliance, in fact, the HWH was stored outside, in the laundry room. In the summertime here in PHX, I just turned it completely off. Shower after 8 am and it was a perfect temp... If you showered in the afternoon, it was too hot to "cool" you, but it still got you clean. The point is, I didn't even use the gas in the summer. My highest gas bill ever was 19 bucks. Probably averaged around 4 dollars a month year-round. In 11 years in that apartment, I NEVER once used the heater (which was electric anyway). My cat however would sleep on a small heating pad.

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