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Default Difference Between Solar Panels V/S Building tegrated Photovoltaic Products

Is their difference between solar panels v/s building integrated photovoltaic products? Any views will be appreciated.

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Not huge difference. On roof installations benefit from greater air-flow behind the panels, hence run cooler, ergo more efficient. Most of the integrated stuff tends to be less efficient, looking pretty being more important than absolute performance, but there are quite a few ideas that use standard panels which work well, and sheer surface area can compensate for lack of performance. PV products are designed to be integral parts of the building they are part of, like shingles or wall panels for example. Solar panels used on RVs are are mounted on top or attach to the roof of an RV or are otherwise free standing arrays erected near one's RV.

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check out this article:

Composite solar roofing offers lower installation cost - Reinforced Plastics

I wish more products like this were on the market today.

Here's one that is:

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Often things like "solar shingles" use thin film PV or plastic coated pv, both of those brake down in sunlight and have a short life span.

Products like Solar Slate, a glass covered solar roof tile will hold up well and be a 100 year roof.

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