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Default 24M and Kyocera Batteries

I've been following the 24M company's solid state battery research and development for a few years now and it looks as though they finally have a valid product to place on the market in conjunction with Kyocera Corp.

If you don't know anything about this battery, the claim is that there is a substantial increase in energy density due to reduction of internal materials needed in the cell itself. 24M has claimed around 350wh/kg. Whether or not a cell with that density will reach the market is unclear. Additionally they claim an approximately 50% decrease in the cost of manufacturing due to fewer materials and a different manufacturing method than is standard for lithium cells. Their goal from several years ago was to reach $100/kwh manufacturing costs. No indication is given that they have made that number but if they have, then maybe we could expect retail prices in the $200 to $250 kwh range.

So, later this year Kyocera is supposed to be releasing residential storage power units in a few flavors using the 24M cells. Unfortunately no pricing has been listed yet. Can't wait to see how they compare to the Tesla Powerwalls. The Powerwalls are currently selling for $6500 for 13.5 kwh of storage or around $480/kwh.

Links to news stories:


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